What People are Saying About Working With Me


"I had the privilege of attending one of Kim Cooper's beautiful retreats. I had a major breakthrough around a next step involving my career and life passion. In one of her meditation exercises, I saw clearly that I was restricting myself with an linear mindset in regards to my career and life passion. I suddenly could see that if I approached my passion with a dynamic, fluid mindset and embodied those qualities, that I could finally be free of the stress from trying to force my projects into being. I wouldn't have had this breakthrough without Kim creating the powerful, reflective space for this to happen.

Kim's facilitation and coaching style allowed me to feel comfortable when I needed to, and uncomfortable (in a good way) when I was about to have the breakthrough. She is an excellent guide, question-asker, and inspirational leader in the field of personal development. I highly recommend you work with Kim if you want to move beyond any limiting beliefs (known or unknown) that might be holding you back!"
Gabrielle - Pittsburgh, PA


"Kim's retreat was truly a gift to me. Aside from the journaling, discussion, and Reiki that she shared with us, she gave us the gift of her undivided attention and wisdom. I really like that there was not a rigid schedule for the day, but that we let it be fluid and organic. It was wonderful not to be looking at the clock or worrying about the time. It created space in my mind so I could hear my inner voice and I received several important insights during the course of the day. I would highly recommend going to Kim's next retreat!"
Joy - Pittsburgh, PA


"I attended a reiki/energy healing circle that Kim led on a Saturday morning. The session itself was really calming, and I learned some stress-reducing techniques early on. When she was actually doing the energy work on me, I felt a cool line of energy rising from my belly up through my heart and to my throat. I focused on that and thought about negative energy leaving my body and my back healing (I had a back injury several years ago). At the end of the session, I felt calm and relaxed, but that wasn't the most amazing part. The rest of the day, I felt like my mind was physically lighter. I also felt calm, clear, and focused. The change in my mood and ability to think clearly is still going on over twenty-four hours after the session! I have been able to focus on my work, deal with stress from my young children much easier, and relax and enjoy my day instead of focusing on negative thoughts like I usually do. I seriously feel amazing!"
Cori - Pittsburgh, PA


"The universe really opened up over the summer to me about my art. I've had 3 commissions, 1 gallery show, 1 contest where I unexpectedly won 1st place..and now working on a children's book. So you really really did help me jump start this (thank you again!!!!!)"
Erin - Pittsburgh, PA


"If it's time, whatever you do please contact Kim for facilitation. She knocked about 50 years of programming fear and judgment out of me. In so much gratitude of you Kim.
J.W. - Ontario, Canada