I started flying airplanes at the age of 17, and spent most of my adult life as an airline pilot (until my surprise "bonus baby" twins arrived at the age of 43.) A classic, first-born people pleaser and control freak of magnitude, my job as a pilot suited me well. It was an acceptable way to stand out and be different, and offered me the respect and admiration I secretly craved.

As I approached 40, instead of buying a sports car for my mid-life crisis, I mean awakening, I unconsciously began searching for something I didn't even realize was missing from my life. I had never heard of Reiki before (or any other alternative healing for that matter), but it quickly became my gateway drug to the energetic web of life that pulses around and within us (which often goes unnoticed by most people.) I became a Reiki master, started my own business, and added essential oils, mindfulness, and intuitive coaching to my repertoire. Instead of proudly advertising my business, I never told anyone at the airline what I was doing.

Why? Well along with the usual "new business owner fears," I had a different fear that was keeping me up at night. I was afraid people would think I was a witch.

I couldn't understand why I was so paralyzed by what seemed like an irrational fear. I had a hard time explaining Reiki because I couldn't see, taste or touch it, but it seemed like a ridiculous connection to assume that because I couldn't explain it well that people would think I was a witch. And why did I care so much what they thought of me anyway? The few times I felt brave enough to tell someone about my business, I made sure I mentioned that my Reiki teacher was taught by nuns, as if this gave me some extra Christian credibility. It wasn't until I began doing generational healing work with clients that I finally began to understand my own ancestral shame and the "witch wound" of the collective consciousness.

During the witch hunts, those accused of being witches often weren't guilty of practicing anything more than what I am doing now - many of them were intuitive herbalists who celebrated nature and the cycles of the moon. I believe I've had past lives where I was killed for being a healer (we can talk about that over coffee sometime), but even if you don't believe in past lives, the witch hunts may still be tripping you up in your ancestral DNA.  

Scientific studies say we pass more through our DNA to future generations than just eye color and height, so think about this for a minute. The various witch hunts throughout history affected a ton of people (I can't seem to find a number everyone agrees on, so I'm being safe with my very scientific choice of words here.) Even if your ancestors weren't directly affected, they most likely had a friend, neighbor or enemy that was. So along with passing on their blue eyes, bald spot, and 6 foot tall frame to you, they also passed along this message - don't stand out, don't speak up, don't do any weird shit that people might misinterpret - or you could die.

You might think I'm guessing or making this up, but I've worked with too many women in my workshops who have this odd fear of stepping up to their full capacity. They have an irrational fear of standing out our being different and they don't know why. They keep their crystals and their oracle cards hidden from their own family, and are afraid to talk about anything outside of the accepted norm for fear of being judged or shamed. They are fairly certain they won't be killed for their beliefs anymore, but there is still an energetic block holding them back. Coaches and well-meaning friends encourage them to "get over it and stop caring what other people think," but they can't seem to do it.

Some things you can't reason your way out of. Some things you can't will yourself to change. You have to release the energetic blocks and woundings before you can move forward.

Together we can remove energetic debris you have stored in your body. Whether it's from a past life, or something your mother said to you twenty years ago that you haven't been able to let go. We can access ancestral wisdom lost due to fear and shame. YOU have the power to shift your generational line, both forward and back. Are you ready?

Journey on....