I started flying airplanes at the age of 17, and spent most of my adult life as an airline pilot (until my surprise "bonus baby" twins arrived at the age of 43.) A classic, first-born people pleaser and control freak of magnitude, my job as a pilot suited me well. It was an acceptable way to stand out and be different, and offered me the respect and admiration I secretly craved.

As I approached 40, instead of buying a sports car for my mid-life crisis, I mean awakening, I unconsciously began searching for something I didn't even realize was missing from my life. I had never heard of Reiki before (or any other alternative healing for that matter), but it quickly became my gateway drug to the energetic web of life that pulses around and within us (which often goes unnoticed by most people.) I became a Reiki master, started my own business, and added essential oils, mindfulness, and intuitive coaching to my repertoire. 

I named my fledgling business Pathfinder Healing Arts. In aviation, a Pathfinder is the first airplane that flies out after a storm, charting a safe course for all those that follow. I didn't realize at the time that I was actually a Pathfinder, and if you've stumbled upon this website then you probably are too.

A Pathfinder is a person who sees things a little differently than everyone else. A visionary who has a different perspective on the world, who can see through limitations to the possibilities beyond. Often labeled the black sheep of the family, the Pathfinder is often made wrong because other people don't see the world in the same way. Worse yet, sometimes the Pathfinder ends up making themselves wrong, hiding their gifts and talents in an attempt to blend in.

I attempted to blend in for many years, in fact, most of my life. I had a profound fear and worry of what others thought of me. I also hated confrontation and was afraid to piss anyone off with my opinions or suggestions. But eventually, it became to0 painful for me to stay quiet any longer. I was embodying one of my favorite quotes from Anais Nin -

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

If you find yourself on a different path from your family, friends and co-workers - congratulations, you're probably a Pathfinder!  You are in the unique position to change people's hearts and minds with your thoughts and words. You can help them see a different perspective that may never have occurred to them without your insight. The hardest part is to not get defensive when someone has a different point of view, put up barriers to conversation, or shut yourself up. You are not wrong, but it's not about making the other person wrong either. It's not "us against them," which is causing so much turmoil in our world right now.

It's about being curious, clearing your own limitations, owning what you know, and being willing to share it in a non-confrontational way so that others are able to receive it. The world needs what you have to say now more than ever. Are you ready?

Journey on...........