Women are constantly going through role changes and transitions. Marriage, pregnancy, divorce, kids leaving for school, quitting jobs, going back to work - these are the major changes, along with the minor adjustments of everyday household life.

Transitions and role changes aren't always easy, but what if your obstacles are really opportunities in disguise?

When we lose the roles we are accustomed to, it can feel as if the very ground we walk on is unstable. Then we come face to face with the choice to reinvent ourselves – the becoming. What will you become?

In this one day experiential retreat, we will utilize journaling, mindfulness and energy work to explore strategies and tools to:

-Uncover any back doors that keep one foot stuck in the past
-Release limiting beliefs, allowing you to move forward in ANY direction you choose
-Map out the next steps to take as you begin to turn obstacles into opportunities

You've been told the sky is the limit. What if it's not? Are you ready to rise beyond what you thought was possible?

Stop fearing. Start creating. Journey on…………….

Please call me for a free 20 min consultation to see if the retreat is a fit for you, and/or what else we might be able to create together. 412-259-3683

Need a Christmas gift for yourself or someone else? Gift certificates available for the retreat or private sessions.


Friday, January 27, 2017
Kearns Spirituality Center
9000 Babcock Blvd
Allison Park, PA 15101