How many of your beliefs about money have come from someone else? Many of us unconsciously carry forward generational beliefs about money. You may have heard any number of these phrases growing up -

Money doesn't grow on trees.
It's too expensive/not worth it.
Rich people are ------------ (insert family belief here.)
Having money is-----------
You have to work hard for money

Along with the beliefs we've inherited about money, we've also picked up our own along the way. We may have decided that we will never, ever be like a family member who had (or didn't have) money.

In this guided meditation and energy release workshop, we will examine the places that inherited family beliefs may be holding you back, and how you might energetically shift your own beliefs to create more in your life. I can't claim that this class will make you money, but you may uncover some unconscious beliefs about it that will shift your current reality.

If you can, block out about 2 hours total so you have time to journal and reflect after the class. I'll stay on the call longer to answer individual questions if needed. Recording available if you can't make it live.

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