I believe that the choices we make affect the next seven generations. If you're feeling angry, fearful or stressed, it's not just affecting you. If you extrapolate that backwards, we are at the affect of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and judgments of the previous generations.

YOU have the power to heal your generational line, both forward and back. In this four week online immersion, you will use guided meditation, mindfulness, and intuitive energy work to remove energetic debris and unwind old stories and patterns you may have unconsciously picked up from past generations. You will also learn tools to calm down and release fear and anger, so that you don't pass these things on to future generations. 

Call dates are below, and recordings are available if you can't join live.
Sunday, May 20, 9am-10:30am EDT
Sunday, May 27, 9am-10:30am EDT
Sunday, June 3, 9am-10:30am EDT
Sunday, June 10, 9am-10:30am EDT

Not sure why or how this would apply to you? Check out the video below.
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