• The Yoga Room (map)
  • 815 Youngstown Warren Road
  • Niles, OH, 44446
  • United States

You either have, or had, a mother. (And keep in mind that your father had a mother too.) Every family needs healing. Every mother line. Why? Because every generation has wisdom to share. Sometimes that wisdom gets overshadowed by stress, trauma, or even personality and circumstances.

The Healing the Mother Line workshop is a guided meditation and Reiki experience, to look at the places where ancestral wisdom was lost, and also the places we have carried forward something that wasn’t ours to carry. Thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and judgments that have been passed from generation to generation. Sometimes it’s an obvious event or trauma, and sometimes we feel like something is holding us back and we just aren’t sure what it is. However hard we try, we just can’t push through something that seems like a bigger obstacle than it should be. 

Is it time to let go of the past, so that you can move forward with your own life?

Event is held at The Yoga Room, 815 Youngstown Warren Rd Ste 13, in Niles Ohio. Purchase tickets here