This Mother's Day, I'd like to offer you a gift like no other. A guided meditation and Reiki session to access and begin to heal the generational Mother Line in your family. If you haven't watched the video above, check it out as it explains why this might be important, even if you think it doesn't apply to you.

This Mother's Day gift is for you if any of these apply:

-You have deep love and respect for your mother
-You feel angry and resentful towards your mother
-You feel a sense of loss because your mother is no longer with you
-You never knew your mother
-Thinking of your mother or past generations of women in your family causes feelings of guilt or shame
-You are missing your own children on Mother's Day, or wish your relationship with them could be different
-You have a wonderful relationship with your children and want to pass your wisdom on to future generations
-You would like to forgive your mother, or ask her forgiveness
-You would like to forgive your children, or ask their forgiveness
-You would like to access ancestral wisdom from the women in your generational line

You do not have to be a woman to participate in this online Zoom call, anyone who would like to heal their relationship with past generations of women may join. It would be a lovely gift for mothers and children to be on the call together. There will be another call to heal the Father Line around Fathers Day in the US. (June)

Zoom call recording available if you can't be on the call live.

Purchase tickets here