Are you a mom who feels lonely but is never alone? Role change or transition got you down? Are you seeing limitations instead of possibilities? Do you want something more in your life and you just don't know how to go about it? What if you could change all that right now?

Here's my holiday gift to you from now until midnight December 24, 2016.

Buy a one month coaching package, and get one free for yourself or someone else. The package includes a weekly phone session with me, and unlimited facebook messaging throughout the week.

Here's what one new mom had to say after spending an hour with me -

"The universe really opened up over the summer to me about my art. I've had 3 commissions, 1 gallery show, 1 contest where I unexpectedly won 1st place..and now working on a children's book. So you really really did help me jump start this (thank you again!!!!!)" Erin - Pittsburgh, PA

I wonder what we could create for you in a whole month?

I've opened up some time in my schedule for the last week of the year, so you can also combine your monthly session into a half day session and really start the new year seeing obstacles as opportunities in disguise.

And because I want you to start the New Year off right, I'll also throw in free admission to my two week program starting January 1 called the Anti-Resolution Revolution. This is a daily email and also a Facebook group to change the things you would like to change by nurturing yourself rather than guilting yourself into it.

Are you ready to stop fearing and start creating?

Journey on..................

Call 412-259-3683 for pricing, details or to schedule a free consultation to see if this package is right for you.