Many of us strive to find balance in our daily lives as partners, mothers, employees, friends. It's an elusive word - balance - as we feel like if we could just achieve it, all would be well in our world.

What if there really is no such thing as balance, but rather a continuous revolving of awareness to whatever it is that needs our focus in the present moment? What if balance really looks like this instead - when we are with our kids, they have our full attention and we are not worried about work. If we are working, we are not feeling guilty about not spending time with our kids. If we are with our partner, we're not thinking that we should be spending time with our mother. And most important of all, when we take time for ourselves (yes, I said when, not if), we don't feel guilty about all of the things we "should" be doing. Things that we make a higher priority than our own self care.

What would it be like if for one day you could forget about finding balance, and take some time to prioritize you? As women, we think we have to be all things to all people, and attend to all the balls we have in the air simultaneously. What if that's just not true?

In this one day workshop we will prioritize you, by learning to be mindful of the present moment. We will nurture you with healing energetic bodywork. And we will work with some tools to release guilt and learn to create more ease around all of the places you'd like to find "balance."

Only 10 spots are available. $200 for this 6 hour retreat.

What would it take to choose you?

Contact Kim to reserve your spot or with any questions-