When I say money, you say___________?

We all have different points of view about money. Some of them help us create, and some of them, well, not so much. Would you like to let go of some of your limiting points of view about money? Would you like to be able to create more? Worry less?

In this hour long class you will be introduced to some tools to help you create more ease around money. (Even if you can't join us live, please sign up and I will send you the replay.)

What could you add to your life, rather than take away, to solve your money problem?
How much fun can we have talking about money? (And if money isn't fun for you right now, what if it could be?) What if this leap day you could create more money for the next four years and beyond?

We will talk about all of this and more. What would it take for you to join the conversation?

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