Make America Great Again Because Love Trumps Hate.

Regardless of who you supported or who won, it's time to move on. Together.

One thing that has become crystal clear to me is that we cannot depend on our leaders to change things for us. Most people I know were disillusioned with both candidates and didn't feel like either one adequately represented them. The deciding factor for most people seemed to be - who will create a better country for my children, and our future?

We may have disagreed about who the best candidate was to make that happen, but WE can certainly be a role model for children now. No name calling. No finger pointing. No "he said, she did." What kind of world do you want your kids to have? Let's start modeling it for them, and regardless of how we got here, begin the healing process and move forward together.

In this worldwide healing circle we will use a combination of exercises, including but not limited to - mindful breathing, energy work, sound healing, and visualization.

As Gandhi so famously said - Be the change you want to see in the world.

It begins with you.

This is an online event, currently scheduled for a FB live video. Please see the event page here on FB and click interested to be notified of any changes.