New Year's Resolutions are often about correcting the places where we judge ourselves to be wrong or deficient in some way. For some reason, we believe that the "problems" we haven't been able to tackle all year long are going to be magically resolved with our extra strength, turbo-charged New Year's Willpower. Then when we've broken our resolution by the end of January, the cycle of judgment begins all over again.

What if there is a different choice for 2016? What if you could choose everything in your life from the expansion of possibility, rather than the contraction of wrongness? What if you're never wrong? What's right about you you're not getting? What if instead of a resolution, you began to ask questions? Questions that would allow you to change your life with ease, rather than force? What if one question every morning could change your life? Is now the time to stop judging yourself into being a better person?

Not sure how that could possibly work? Not sure what questions to ask? No idea what I'm even talking about? It's OK. Join me on January 1st at 4 pm on Periscope to find out more. (If you aren't familiar with Periscope, download the app and follow me @beingkimcooper.) And you can also join us right now in a Facebook group to share our tips, tools, tricks and triumphs.

Are you ready to start creating your life from the inconceivable space you know is possible? (Not sure what inconceivable space is? Then you should really contact me!)

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