Be the Invitation

Do you have something you'd like to communicate to other people, and you just can't find the right words to say it? Do you lack the confidence to express yourself with others, either at home or at work? Do you judge what you say or how you say it, so instead it's easier to say nothing at all?

What if you could change all of that? What if you could learn to BE THE INVITATION? What if you could invite others to a different possibility- just by being you?

In this 1 1/2 hr class you will learn
- How to more confidently express what it is you have to offer
- How to share your unique gifts with the world with more ease
-  How asking questions (and not having all the answers) can lead you to more possibilities

Is now the time to explore a new possibility for yourself, your life, or your business?

Thursday, Nov 5, 2015
6pm-7:30 pm
Natural Solutions Holistic Center
150 Robbins Station Rd
Suite 9
North Huntingdon, PA 15642
$10 per person at the door