I facilitated a generational healing workshop at the Mom’s On Fire Retreat yesterday. It was beautiful to see so many courageous women showing up to break the ancestral chains that keep history repeating itself, to create a better life for themselves and the generations that follow.

As I walked through the hotel this morning on my way out to meditate, I thought, “What do I do next?” This has been my biggest struggle as a business owner. Instead of staying in the present moment, I’m always in the future trying to stay one step ahead.

Looking back, I’ve spent most of the last 3 years living in the past. Thinking about how my life was supposed to be and what I had “lost.”

I’ve been practicing mindfulness for 6 years, but sometimes you don’t “get it til you get it.” I’m finally consistently aware of how much anxiety, depression, and lack of satisfaction I cause myself when I’m not present to what is going on right now.

For example, I’m aware I need to put the phone down and enjoy this beautiful sunrise.

And the question I’m asking as I go into meditation is this - “What do I need to know now.”

Be here now. Be well.

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