I was looking at this picture of my great grandparents this morning, and I commented to my mother that it must have been hell to go swimming in a dress like this. Then I headed to Macy's to do my own shopping for a new swimsuit. I'm not sure, but I think I might rather wear my great grandmother's get up than what I had to choose from (minus the shoes.)

A hundred years ago women were expected to go swimming fully clothed (can you imagine not feeling the sand between your toes?), and now  I'm supposed to wear a bathing suit that shows parts of my body that no one needs to see, including me. Not to mention the fact that it set me back a cool $100 bucks. At least it was on sale, (because it is the last day of June so the store needs to make room for winter boots and coats. Don't get me started.)

I'd like to invite women over 40 (hell, all women for that matter), to join me in a swimwear revolution.  To hell with the skimpy, expensive, bikini-wax-requiring swimsuit. Let's choose comfort, and something that makes us feel good about ourselves instead. I say we throw off the ridiculous societal norms of how we are supposed to dress when we go swimming, and show up in a tank top and shorts (or whatever else makes you feel good.) 

What could go wrong? It might put the bikini wax salon out of business, but is that really a bad thing? (Apologies to any bikini wax specialists who love their job.)

So who's with me? Cause I'm gonna look stupid at the pool if I'm the only one in shorts. Although considering my other options, I might just take my chances......



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