Ok gang, I'm a little tech challenged and can't figure out how to link these videos here. Normally I would wait and try to figure it out, but then you would run the risk of never seeing them as I am easily distracted by bright shiny objects (or my twins throwing food on the floor and climbing on the counters!) So, instead of making you wait another minute, I'm posting a link here. 


Please check these videos out if they sound appealing to you. And if you think they don't apply to you because you don't have a business, you can use these tips in any other area of your life too (especially if you feel like you're not being you around family, friends, church members, colleagues etc.)

1. How to Create More in Your Business
2. Is Your Business in Alignment with Your Personal Desires?
3. How to Overcome Fear of Being Authentically You
4. How to Use Mindfulness to Grow Your Business
5. How to Use Intuition to Grow Your Business
6. How to Use Vulnerability to Grow Your Business

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