Marketing strategists ask us to define what makes our business stand out from the competition. Many of us avoid marketing the thing that makes us stand out the most – our very own uniqueness.

One of the biggest obstacles that stops us from showing our unique, authentic selves is fear -

-Fear of judgment
-Fear of exposing ourselves as different from our “tribe”
-Fear that we are not enough
-Fear of failing


What is the thing you fear the most about being authentically you in your business?

Who are you afraid won’t accept you?

What are you afraid they will say?

Close your eyes and notice where you feel the fear in your body. Breathe into that space. Physical sensations only last about 90 seconds in the body, then we can decide if we want to continue on with the story, or if we want to do something to shift it. This is where body work (Reiki, energy work, tapping, massage etc.) can help to shift things out of your body.

Fear, aka False Evidence Appearing Real, distracts us from our true purpose. When fear shows up, ask yourself these questions and write down the answers about your fear (write them down because then your mind can’t outsmart you and talk you out of it.) This is from Byron Katie’s work, read more about it here .

1.      Is it true?

2.     Can you absolutely know it’s true?

3.     What happens (how do you react) when you believe that thought?

4.     Who would you be without that thought?

End with the turnaround – What is the opposite of the thought (fear)? Find 3 examples that counteract the thought you originally had.


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Anais Nin

Is it time to blossom? If so, join me for a one day women's retreat in Pittsburgh on April 1st where we will talk about this and so much more. Not in Pittsburgh? Contact me for a private session, and have fear take a back seat so you can bloom into your authentic self.

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