The world may be filled with fear, anger and anxiety, but you still have a choice.

You can add to the fear mongering. You can fuel the "us vs them" mentality. You can search for reasons to be defensive or offended (which you will surely find if you are looking.) You can numb-out binge-watching Netflix or endlessly search for connection on Facebook.

Or you can choose something different.

You can choose real connection (as Brene Brown says, "People are hard to hate close up, move in.) You can look for the shared humanity in someone with a different opinion (and realize that they are probably just as scared as you are.) You can have hard conversations in a respectful way. You can choose inclusion, rather than exclusion.

Are you a connector, or a divider? Do you want to build bridges, or blow them up? If you’re not ready to put down your TNT, then I can't help you. If you’re ready to explore a different way of peacefully walking through the world together, hand in hand, instead of having another conversation about who is the biggest victim, I’ll travel that path right beside you.

How do we know where to start? It starts with you.

It starts by getting off of the treadmill of more - doing more, being more and having more, which can also lead to more anxiety, stress and depression. It starts with being kind to yourself. Reducing your own anxiety, so everyone around you can begin to regulate their own nervous system, instead of feeding off of your overwhelm and frustration. It starts with releasing the old stories you have trapped in your body, which can cause dis-ease, and trigger you when someone innocently mentions something you don't like. It starts with being present to your life the way it is right now, rather than obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. It starts with honoring you first, then it ripples out to your family, then to your community.

Not sure how to do all that? That’s where I come in. I'm gathering a sacred tribe of visionaries who are ready to explore a new way of being in the world.

Native Americans believe that every decision we make affects the next seven generations. The next generation is watching. What will we choose?

Stop fearing. Start creating.

Journey on....

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