Let sleeping babies lie. Trust me on this one. Otherwise, you'll end up with a night like this -

Just after you go to bed, Twin One will wake up screaming, wanting to go into your bed. You want to be hard about this and make him stay in his own bed, but he keeps screaming and pointing at the door, and you know if you don't acquiesce to his demands his revenge will be to wake the other twin up. You take him into your bedroom thinking you have just dodged a bullet.

Two hours later Twin One wakes up again asking for a drink of water. You get him his water, and in a preemptive stroke of genius you decide to put a water in the other twins bed, so that he doesn't wake you up in an hour for the same thing. Twin Two is sleeping, and wakes the minute he senses you in his room. You hand him the water, begin to tip toe out, and as you get to the door think you smell poo. Knowing this does not normally end well and that you will have a bigger mess in the morning, you get him up to change him. (After all, he's already awake). To your surprise, no poo. Grateful and pissed off at your stupidity, you put him back in bed and try to sneak out again. No dice. The smiling baby that was so happy to have an unexpected visit from you in the middle of the night has now turned into a rage monster. You decide to lay your exhausted body down in front of the crib because there is no room for him in your bed. Finally, you both fall asleep.

An hour later you wake up to realize that your 44 year old body can no longer handle laying on the hard floor for even an hour, and you hobble back to bed like you are 84, praying with all your might that you don't wake Twin One up again as you clamber between the sheets. You don't, hallelujah, and both twins sleep past 8 am for the first time all week.

At 8:05 am your 10 year old wakes you up to take him to hockey, incredulous that you did not get up at 8 am like you said you would.

For the love of God my friends, let sleeping babies lie.

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