I'd like to say that this is how my day went, but all of this occurred between 5pm and 7pm this evening.

Oldest son - "One of the twins has poop on his chest, and all over the sofa."

This does not surprise me. K has just gagged himself and puked green drink all over the carpet, which I still haven't had a chance to clean up between trying to cook dinner and pulling him off of his brother. He thinks it's fun to straddle his brother's neck and bounce. I finally had to put him in the crib to get him to stop.

I take K into the bedroom to change him. No poop in the diaper, but all over his chest and legs. Uh, oh.

Take the other twin into the bedroom. Yep, it's not phantom poop, it's his poop. All over his brother and God knows where else.

This has all happened in the hour and a half since the nanny left, and I'm finally sitting them down to the pasta dinner I started cooking as she walked out the door. (The video below shows how much fun that was.) Good times!

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