Ah, another day of adventures with twins, this time in Toronto. Half of our group was going to the CN Tower, the other half to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The twins would have loved to see "hocka", but I declined because it was nap time and they were so tired that I knew it would end in tears. I decided to take them to the car for a nap and wait for everyone to come back. Bad decision #1 of the day.

I got the boys settled in the car, shoes off, drinks finished, pondering what I was gonna do about the "3 minute idling" rule in the garage since it was 110 degrees outside. Then it all started to go wrong.

First, one of them started pooping. Then, the car alarm next to us started going off. Next, I realized that we were parked right in front of the stairs where people exit to pay for their parking, and since it was 110 degrees (ok, really only 85, but in Canada it feels 110), even the Blue Jay's fans were leaving the game early. Realizing the boys were never gonna sleep like this, and not wanting to spend my afternoon in the parking garage, I made an executive decision. Screw this, we are going to aquarium. Surely they can sit in the stroller and watch the fish even if they are tired. Bad decision #2 of the day.

I have never seen so many people at an attraction in my entire life. After about 10 min, Twin 2 decides that this is way too much stimulation for him, stuffs his fingers in his ears and hits full on screaming meltdown mode. He alternates between kicking his brother in the head and jamming his foot out of the side of the stroller. I can't blame him, kids are literally climbing over the stroller to get around us, and I keep having to shout "excuse me" to the people blindly standing in the only path to get through. People that are not pushing a bus with twins keep leaping in front of the stroller, oblivious to how hard it is to maneuver a single stroller through this mess, much less a double one.

Feeling sympathetic for the screaming twin (even though I just spent $35 bucks to get in to the aquarium 10 minutes earlier) I say, "ok buddy, I'm getting you out of here. We'll go find a nice quiet place to decompress." It's about this time that I look down and realize he is missing one of his shoes.

I let out a deep sigh, realizing I am now going to have to go back through the throng of foreign tourists with no concept of personal space - THE WRONG WAY. This was almost impossible moving WITH the flow of traffic (ha, flow - that's funny) the right way. I'm now annoyed enough that I don't care about being polite and start to push my way through the mass of people. Luckily, someone sees what I'm doing, says they found the shoe (a small miracle in itself, clearly another parent), and points to where they left it. I think to myself - maybe things are looking up! I grab the shoe and head for the exit (which I walk past because it is through the gift shop -how clever - why didn't I think of that), so I end up going back through the throng of people the wrong way again. I'm grateful that I mumbled under my breath about the idiots coming in under the sign that was clearly marked exit, since I ended up doing the exact same thing to get out.

After finally pushing through the narrow passage of clueless tourists gawking at trinkets, I see the light of day and head for the door. Triumphant to finally be leaving this mass of humanity I smugly say to the boys "we've made it," and I throw the door open into a sea of blue. The Blue Jay's game has just ended next door, and the streets are teeming with sweaty people. Twin 2 resumes sticking his fingers in his ears and screaming from the over-stimulation. I decide maybe he has the right idea after all, and fight with all of my might not to join him.

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