Mindful Monday Moment

I've spent a good part of my life saying, "I will be happy when."

When I become an airline pilot
When I have a bigger house
When I go on the next vacation

What if everything you are looking for or waiting for is close enough to touch, and you keep looking past it for "I will be happy when?"


The Treasures’ Nearness

A man searching for spiritual treasure
could not find it, so he was praying.

A voice inside said, “You were given
an intuition to shoot an arrow
and then dig where it landed,”

but you shot with all your archery skill!
You were told to draw the bow
with only a fraction of your ability.”

What you are looking for
is nearer than the big vein
on your neck! Let the arrow drop.

Don’t exhaust yourself like the philosophers,
who strain to shoot the high arc
of their thought arrows.

The more skill you use, the farther you’ll be
from what your deepest love wants.

~ Rumi

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