A friend of mine challenged everyone she knew on Facebook to film 30 days of videos. Since I was going through a phase of feeling a bit camera shy, I decided to film 30 days of my 18 month old twins instead. The results were amazing. Instead of waking up in the morning wondering what they were going to get into and what kind of mess they would make for me to clean up, I looked forward to the days with joy. If one of them smeared avocado all over his face, I laughed and ran to get my camera, instead of getting mad and thinking about how much longer it was going to take me to clean him up.

I haven't uploaded all of the videos to YouTube, but there are a few on there for your viewing pleasure. I had so many people tell me that the videos brought them so much joy that I've decided to continue past the 30 days. Twins are definitely an adventure, and I'm blessed to have them.

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