"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." - Yoda

What can you do today to make yourself a beacon of light, focused on gratitude and well-being rather than anger and fear? When we find inner stillness and peace and allowance, we can focus on the world we would like to create. And by being that beacon of light, we will draw others to us who hold the same vision.

I would rather be surrounded by 5 people holding my vision of possibility, than 500 who are angry and wanting revenge. Why? Because I can create more change with those 5 people focused on change and bringing the light, than with the 500 who only want to remember the past and focus on how crazy this world is.

I choose to honor the visionaries of the events of the last few weeks and focus on the world I would like to create. (I refuse to call them victims because I don't believe they are. From my perspective they are changemakers and luminaries who knew exactly what was required to create the kind of momentum and shift we are all asking for.)

I am not focused on gun control, stiffer jail sentences for rapists, or voting anyone out of office (all in my mind are a step too late - still focusing on and giving energy to the problem rather than the solution.) Instead, I choose to focus my energy on reaching people before they ever need to pick up a gun or raise a hand in violence. Where each member of society gets the help and support they need, even if they don't know how to ask for it or where to find it. And instead of voting against someone (which is all I've ever done), or resisting and reacting to a politician's actions, I am going to go out and search for people who truly represent my ideals and will create change. I will focus my energy on voting FOR someone, rather than AGAINST someone else. And I will stop saying things like - "well, there are no honest politicians, there is no one I want to vote for." Because that's just focusing the energy on the problem and something I don't want. Instead I will ask questions like - Who will work with me to create the change I desire to see? Who can run for office that will change not just my community, but the world? Who holds my vision with me, that needs my support to make this a reality?

Now, you may be saying something like - "Kim, I don't believe that focusing on what I desire rather than what I don't has the power to change anything," and that's totally OK and you certainly don't have to agree with my beliefs. Many people believe that an angry mob creates more change than one peaceful beacon shining their own light (notice I said peaceful beacon, not protester. Again, using language to give energy to what I desire as a solution.)

And yet I know there are some of you out there that are just looking for a way to direct your energy to help and to change. And to you I say, let's do this. I'm here bringing the light. You're there bringing the light. Together we have friends all around the world that are single beacons of light, and those single beacons begin to connect and weave a web of change that will reach those looking for a different way, and catch those that have previously fallen through the cracks.

I began by quoting Yoda, and I'll end by quoting Mother Teresa. "Do not wait for leaders. Do it alone. Person to person."

It starts with you. What can you be or do or say today that would create peace within you, so that you are a beacon for change that would ripple out into the world?

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