I used to wake up and look out at the San Diego bay, hop in an airplane while it was still dark, and watch the sunrise over the Rockies with my first cup of coffee. Things are a little different now.

8 AM this morning -

Grateful the boys slept in, although that gratitude turned to horror as I realized that 14 hours in a diaper does not = a glorious morning. We had a 15 wipe poonami this morning. You know the kind, where you stand there looking at the woefully inadequate wipes, feeling like someone has just given you the job of putting out a house fire with a turkey baster. Your mind temporarily goes blank, and then you have visions of just swirling the kid around in the toilet fully clothed, because it seems the most logical way to clean the mountain of poo that you're supposed to wipe off with a postage stamp sized wet cloth. I love the ability to spend mornings with my kids as a mompreneur. Most of the time. Gotta run, one of them has closed himself in the laundry room while I was distracted.

11:30 AM -

Not to be outdone by his brother, No 2's poonami was even more spectacular! Not only did he cover himself, but he had poo on the cloth vertical blinds, walls, and left a trail along the floor before my nanny's super spidy sense kicked in to check on him(even though she was only 2 feet away!) Grateful she was here to help me. The problem with 2 is that when you're on your own and you take one out of the room to change him, the other plays finger paint with the aftermath.

11:45 AM -

Walk up to my office to get my massage table to take to my client's house. Open the door and realize the massage table is still in my husband's car, and my husband is at work. No problem. I got this.

5:00 PM -

Return home from client to hear about 2 more poonami's. The nanny has given them both baths. Twice. Grateful for her and the fact that I had clients this afternoon.

11 PM -

Both of them finally in bed and I'm on my way. Tomorrow is another day, and another adventure.

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