I'm setting off on another adventure today. I won't be going far, in fact I won't even make it as far from home as I ventured the last two weeks, when I was dismayed to only make it 2 hours away from the house. Nope, today I won't even be leaving the house. I'll be up in my office, journeying into the dark, long hidden recesses of my mind. Tickling out the comedian deep within me, as I begin a comedy writing class. Exploring what I once would have called fear, but now realize is total excitement instead.

I know, I know, thinking of me writing comedy is probably as big a shock to you as it was to me. But I'm continuing to honor my promise to myself to follow the energy of a choice, rather than trying to rationally figure it out in my head. And the energy on this one was huge.

Do I consider myself a comedian? No. Do I have the desire to do stand up? Not yet. Do I desire to speak to groups of people in an entertaining and interactive way? Yes. Do I desire to bring more fun and laughter and joy into my life? Hell yes.

I've been fighting the urge to write for months now (and I say fighting because I know I desire to do more of it, I just keep putting it last on the list of everything else that needs my attention.) At first I just assumed I would be writing a book (after all, the last few years of my life have been stranger than fiction - I mean, who could make this shit up?) Then I started thinking it might be a play or screenplay (which immediately made me turn into a 5 yr old whining- but I don't know how to DO that!) Now I've given up trying to figure out what direction my writing is going to take me (hence the "not yet" comment to the stand up question- cause who really knows?) I'm just gonna toss my raft out into the stream, throw the paddle into the woods, and let the current of words carry me where it may.

My year old twins fill my life with shits and giggles, and lately I've been focusing more on the shits than the giggles. I wonder what it would take to change that? I wonder what adventures I can have with this class that I never imagined I could have?

I'm so excited I could squeal. Just like a 5 year old.

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