I spent the better part of this year focusing on all the things I couldn't do because of my year old twins. I finally got sick of feeling sorry for myself and decided to start doing things with them anyway. The problem was, I always had an expectation about how things were supposed to turn out.

For instance, I decided to take the boys to DC a few weeks ago. We made it to a town 2 hrs from home, and never made it any further. We actually had a nice time, but I was so focused on the fact that we never made it to DC that I clouded the weekend with my judgment and my failed expectations of how the trip was supposed to go.

Today I tried a different tactic. I took the twins on my own to the local spiritual fair because two of my friends were presenting. My only intention for the whole day was to soak up some good energy, anything else was a bonus. Good thing, as the day certainly had a mind of it's own. The double stroller had a flat tire, so I decided to take the single stroller and let one of them walk. That worked for about 5 minutes, then one of the boys wanted to be held and cried almost the entire time. Every time I took one of them out of the stroller to switch them, the stroller would fall over and spew our stuff all over the floor, which made for an interesting adventure as I had an arm around each of them trying to wrangle them.

Anyway, the point of the whole story isn't to complain, but to say - this is how my day went, and it was ok. I didn't get to hear my friend speak, but I was looking at that as a bonus instead of a requirement, so I wasn't disappointed when it didn't happen. I'm just happy I had something different to do with the kids and made it out of the house.

So I wonder if there is anything in your day that might turn out better if you let go of how you think it should look and just go with the flow? What if you didn't set any expectations, but rather approached your day with a sense of wonder about how it might turn out? What grand and glorious adventure can you have today? And if you weren't trying to shepherd your day into a certain outcome, how much fun could you have?

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