This was my facebook post from 2 years ago today.

"Ok, big news and I could use your help. As I mentioned before, last year was a transitional year for us and we've decided to shake things up a bit and have a fresh start. Getting ready to put the house on the market. Not sure where we are going (definitely some travel involved but would like to keep a home base here). We know the first step is letting go of the house and then we'll make the next choice from there depending on the outcome...."

At the time I wrote that,  I didn't know I was pregnant. My husband quit his job, the house was under contract and our plans to travel the world for a year were already in place before I found out about that. Once we found out I was pregnant we thought we might still be able to make a go of it. Traveling with an infant couldn't be that hard, could it? It was the day before our house sale to sell all of our belongings that we found out it was twins.

I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that it's only been two years since all of this began. It feels like a lifetime. We ended up traveling for 6 weeks, moving 3 times in the last 2 years, having the babies, buying a house, I quit my job as a pilot, my husband started a new job. The amount of change and transition we've been through is almost unbelievable.

Traveling the world wasn't something we had been planning (neither was selling the house I thought we would live in forever), it was my way of turning a really bad situation into something positive. Once I couldn't travel anymore due to the pregnancy, I became really depressed. I felt like my dream had been stripped away from me, and I gave up dreaming for a while. Not having anything to focus on or work towards really put me in a bad place, and I spent most of the last year feeling like a victim. Being in the same 3 rooms all winter didn't help, and I felt like I was going stir crazy.

I've been doing a lot of shifting over the last few weeks, and I finally was sick enough of myself and of feeling like a victim that I decided to make a change. (And I mean that literally too, I spent close to a week in bed with the flu.)

What I realized during my down time is that it's time to dream again. Just because I have twins and I'm not traveling the world doesn't mean I have to sit in my house all day. I'm super excited for the first time in a long time, and I can't wait to begin dreaming again. Actually, I already have begun. I've put a couple things in motion today that are going to change the trajectory of my life.

I wonder where it will take me now? Wanna join me?

Journey on...................

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