I had that kind of day today. You know the one - you pick the baby up out of the high chair, and you can't quite figure out how you are both covered in food when you just wiped him off, and then you realize, wait a minute, he's sprung a leak, and you discover with horror that you're not both covered in food but poo, and you can't quite figure out how to get him across the house to the changing pad without leaving a nasty trail in your wake, and then you can't figure out how to get him undressed, so you decide to just wipe as much poo as you can into the clothes, you'll deal with those later, because right now you are trying to keep your sweet little boy who has suddenly turned into a poo flinging octopus from redecorating his bedroom. Then while you are in the other room hosing the baby down, your husband comes along and thinks he's being helpful, so he takes the poo filled clothes and puts them in the same bucket to soak as the poo covered high chair cover. Only he doesn't realize that the clothes are still filled with poo. His helpfulness just made cleanup 10 times harder, and since he is already sick and gagging at the smell you can't make him clean up the extra mess he just made.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. That was half of my day (after all, he does have a twin brother.)

I sat here this evening lamenting that I didn't have any time to write (as I wasted an hour on Facebook), and that even if I did have time to write I didn't have anything inspiring to write about, and then it hit me - I could make you feel better about your day. No need to thank me, it's my pleasure. Now that I'm not covered in poo I find it kind of funny too. Now, who wants to babysit this weekend..........

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