Following my intuition here and writing instead of filming a video for Mindful Monday. I actually asked myself if I was using my cold (yes, I still have it! Either that or I'm allergic to the Christmas tree), as an excuse to not film a video (you know, the trying to stay invisible now that I've committed to being more visible thing.) I clearly had the intuition to write these thoughts though, so here goes.

The IRS has just given me a huge opportunity to grow my business. How? They are auditing my business returns for 2014. How on earth does that grow my business you might ask. Let me explain.

My first response to the audit was a cross between anger and resentment. I've done everything I can to stay completely legit with my business, so it's ironic I'm even going through this. At first it made me want to quit (see, even the IRS thinks I'm a failure at being profitable), then I was pissed off (how much did Donald write-off and get away with?), and then I finally came to a place of gratitude.

Why gratitude? Well, I realized that being pissed off and resentful didn't change anything. I really sat and asked myself if I wanted to continue with my business, because it has been stressful and anything but fun this year. I got a big yes, but in a different way than I ever have before.

Part of the reason I have been struggling with my business is because I haven't been trusting my intuition. I've been relying on "experts" to tell me what to do, even when it didn't feel right. From taxes to marketing to how to act as a business woman, I've been following someone else's lead instead of that little small knowing in my head. And that little small knowing tells me that once the initial annoyance of this audit is over, this is going to create big things in my business.

How did I go from a place of anger and resentment to gratitude and possibility? Besides trusting my intuition, I've been asking questions. Unlike we were taught in school though, I ask the question and then don't go searching for an answer. Here are some of the questions I've been asking.

What's right about this I'm not getting?
How can I create more with this than I ever thought possible?
What else is possible?
How can I use this to my advantage and grow my business?

Other than going out of business, being audited by the IRS is one of the things I feared most in my business. (Again, I have no idea why because I'm so honest. Ask my husband, I can't tell a lie. He always knows.) Now that it's happening, it's making me face my resistance to all things accounting and really look at why my mind goes blank when it comes to numbers. This has been a blindspot in my business that I just wanted someone else to take care of so I didn't even have to think about it, and that resistance is creating less, not more.

I wonder what I can create now?

Is there an area in your life where finding a little bit of gratitude would create more than anger or resentment? Not sure how to get there? I can help. Give me a call and we can set up a session. Until then, stop fearing, start creating. Journey on...................


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