Each year in December, I pick a word to focus on the following year. For 2016, my word was flow. You know, that thing that happens when the stars align and everything falls into place without even trying. You meet the perfect person, in an unexpected place, where you weren't even supposed to be, but you follow your intuitive guidance and suddenly something happens that feels too good to be true, and you thank your lucky stars and whatever else collided in the universe to put you in the perfect place at the perfect time. Yeah, that kind of flow.

As much as I longed for flow this year, my life, and especially my business, was everything but. I tried. Hard. I pushed. I searched for solutions. I found programs. Systems. Promises to attract high end clients. And none of it felt - right. I halfheartedly said I needed to choose the same word again for 2017, just to get it "right."

I dreaded working on my business this year. Filming videos was one of the few areas that brought me joy, because I was being authentically me. I wasn't trying to pretend I was someone else. Or put on my business face. Or do what someone else suggested. I was following my intuition. The little small voice that said - do this. Now. That same little small voice has been encouraging me to work with women, especially moms, developing their intuition. I have been hearing it, and conveniently ignoring it. Until today.

This podcast has just changed the trajectory of my business. Jess talks about everything I have sensed and known was possible and have been articulating to others, but was afraid to trust in myself. I've been trying to run my business the same way I flew airplanes - tapping into my masculine energy and trying to blend in with the boys. There is a whole other side to me, the feminine, intuitive, flowing side, that I've been trying to hide because I thought it wasn't the appropriate way to "do business." Stay tuned, I think this might be a game changer.

Journey on...............

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