Wow wow wow, something really interesting just happened. I'm always guiding people to look at things in a different way and turn obstacles into opportunities. Today I got to practice what I preach.

I rented a conference room in a hotel for a class, and no one showed up. On the way to the hotel I asked, "What could I create in this hour that's even greater than I could imagine?" I was beating myself up for spending money on the room and not having anyone registered, and asking the question helped me open up to a new possibility I hadn't thought of before. I decided to do a FB live with some of the content I had planned on teaching, and I actually got quite excited.

I'm really comfortable filming videos, but for some reason I don't have that same comfort level about FB live. (YET!) As I broadcasted on FB and especially afterwards, I had a lot of self judgment come up. I caught myself falling back into an old pattern, which is to point out my flaws or the places I'm not perfect before anyone else has a chance to notice (and if I would keep my mouth shut people might not notice anyway.)

After I posted the FB live, I started to write in the comments about how uncomfortable I was, and that I'm much better in my other videos and teaching live. Aware of my self-defeating behavior, I deleted the post, and instead asked for advice about how to get more comfortable filming FB lives. Then it hit me.

What if it's not about being comfortable at all? What if it's the discomfort (that I often go to any lengths to avoid), that is the answer to most of the questions I've been asking about how to create more in my life? If I could lean into the discomfort instead of avoiding it (which is also step 2 of what I talk about in the video), how much more could I accomplish?

Sometimes I get caught in an inner dialogue about why I left my airline job, after I worked so hard to accomplish my dream. (And as I point out in the video, why is not a good way to start a question.) Part of the reason I left was because I had become too comfortable and I was bored. I sensed that I had a greater contribution to make to society, and I couldn't do that while flying and raising my kids. I knew it would be uncomfortable, and I also knew that there was no other way to create what I desired to create. For the past two years I've been stuck and frustrated, because I was scared, judgmental and unwilling to be uncomfortable.

With this new awareness, I'm going to stop asking how I can make myself more comfortable. Instead I'm going to ask, "How much more can I create if I'm willing to be uncomfortable?" I can guarantee you that will include a lot more FB lives.

Stop Fearing. Start Creating.

Journey On.................


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