Public service announcement for the residents of NYC. The Cooper clan is about to descend, you may want to take cover. 

I had the brilliant idea to start driving last night so we didn't have to rush today. After arriving at the hotel at 1am, the littles decided sleep was overrated and it was time to play (until 2am). Quite vocal about not wanting to  see the world from behind bars, they then refused to sleep in the crib,  so all 4 of us crammed into the king size bed. 

Things didn't go any better for the 9 yr old. Thinking he would make us laugh by disappearing into the bowels of the sleeper sofa (gross!), he came out screaming saying that he had been stung by a bee. Sure enough, he had. Right in the bee-hind. Then he was afraid to go to sleep for fear of being swarmed in the night. I swear I don't make this shit up. 

I had planned to just post a picture of the manicure I treated myself to for the weekend, who knew I'd have so much else to write about. I wonder what grand and glorious adventures await us today. 

Look out NYC - HERE WE COME!

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