The email from Access Consciousness said, Dr. Dain Heer is coming to Pennsylvania! I could barely contain my excitement as I opened the email. Where? When? I'm going no matter what - those were some of the thoughts that immediately ran through my head. When the email finally opened I had a huge sense of disappointment. Dain wasn't actually coming to Pennsylvania, it was just a promotion for a POD for his Level 2/3 in Rome (a POD is a group of people that get together to watch a class live streamed). And worse yet, I already knew about the POD, because it was MY POD! The energy and thought that went through my head was - Oh, it's JUST ME.

JUST ME. How many areas of my life do I function from just me? And what would my life look like if instead of "just me," I began to get excited about me? What if I began to think about myself and my classes with the same enthusiasm and excitement as I have when thinking about taking a class with Dain or talking to Dain? When I ask myself that question, immediately the thought pops up, "but I'm not Dain."

Of course I'm not Dain, and the world doesn't need another Dain Heer, he does a pretty good job of being himself without any help. What the world does need is a Kim Cooper. A Kim Cooper who is willing to know what she knows and be who she is and not apologize for any of it or feel smaller or less significant than someone else. A Kim Cooper who is ready to start showing up and unleashing her own particular brand of magic on the world.

I wonder what might change in the world if you were willing to know what you know and be who you be and let your magic out into the world for all of us to see? What can you create that no one else can? Who out there is waiting for you to show up? What are you pretending not to know or denying that you know, that if you allowed yourself to know it could change everything? Is now the time?

It's amazing how just writing this post has shifted my whole point of view about my POD. The POD is not just me, it's me and Dr. Dain Heer, co-creating together from Rome and Pittsburgh, each with our own special gifts we are sharing with the world. I wonder what IS possible now? I am so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to find out.

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