God knows I've had enough unexpected change in my life over the last year. From selling our house and planning to travel around the world, to finding out I was pregnant, to staying home with the boys instead of going back to flying right away. Things never turn out the way you think they will, and often it's how we deal with life's unexpected changes that determine whether we soar or drown.

Right now I'm in love with this passage from "The Toltec Path of Transformation." Which, by the way, I have not read. It was copied in "Warrior Goddess Training" which I am reading.

"Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice. While you do not always have control over how or when the changes will occur in your life, you can choose how you are in relation to those changes. When you step towards rather than ignore, fight, or resist change, you reclaim your personal freedom. You step onto a path of transformation, and move from being a victim of change to being a co-creator with change."

What if you didn't resist or react to the unexpected changes in your life? What if you made a conscious choice to become a co-creator rather than a victim? What's one thing you could choose today, that would begin to change things right away? I wonder.......

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