This has been such an interesting week filled with plenty of opportunity to see how my point of view creates my reality. I was a guest on Kass Thomas' radio show this morning, and we talked about a Reality Check (you can listen to the replay here). We also did A LOT of laughing. It felt so good to laugh about the silly things that have been happening to me all week, most of them related to my "hate-hate" relationship with my computer, instead of making everything serious and significant.

One of the Access tools we talked about several times during the show was living in 10 second increments. This was one of the tools that I had the most resistance to when I started Access, and I'm only just now seeing how much ease this little beauty can create in my life when I choose to use it.

The way the tool works is that you can make a new choice every 10 seconds. Choose what works for you right now. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Is that choice still working for you? Great. If not, choose again. This seemed incredibly irresponsible to me when I first heard about it. I mean, what about following through? What about committing to something til it's finished? What if people think I'm a quitter or wishy washy because I keep changing my mind? And if I had done my research and made the "right, proper, correct, perfect" choice in the first place, why on earth would I want to change my mind that often?

The point that I was missing is that sometimes by sticking with something til the very end, I am not honoring myself by trying to cram myself into a situation that no longer fits. When I commit to something, all of the energy is lined up in a particular way in that very moment to allow me to make a choice. Energy doesn't remain static, it's shifting all the time. The minute after I make the decision, things have changed. What am I creating if it changes in a way that no longer benefits me, but I force myself to do it because I. HAVE. COMMITTED?!

A beautiful example of this is watching young children and their emotions. My babies can be shrieking and crying one minute, and before the tears have dried on their face they are giggling and laughing. They don't hold onto their emotions, once they have run their course they let them go. Most toddlers can go from saying "I hate you" in one minute to, "Mommy hold me" in the next. How long does it take for the adult to let go of the "I hate you?" Can you change your opinion of it, or the child, in the next 10 seconds? Would it be easier to let it go in the next 10 seconds instead of holding onto it and making it significant?

The 10 second tool worked beautifully for me with my computer yesterday. I had the same problems I had earlier in the week with electronic gremlins, but instead of forcing myself to stick with it no matter what I decided to go work on something else. Last night I picked up the computer again and had it all done in 10 minutes.

How much easier could your life be if you decided to allow yourself to choose more often? If something no longer works for you, what would it take to make a different choice? A phrase I heard often while growing up was - "You can't beat a dead horse." I sure as hell have tried, especially if we are only 3 feet from the finish line. It's not much fun, or very productive. I've decided I'd rather choose ease, and let go of something that isn't working for me and make a new choice. What about you?

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