When I first discovered Access Consciousness® I had A LOT of judgment. It was this weird, wacky modality that changed my life like nothing else ever had, and yet I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it. I was like a closet junkie, using the tools and having my bars run, and mortified that someone would find out what I was doing. After all, I had to maintain my image of the clean cut, respectable airline pilot.

Fast forward almost two years to my first Google hangout. I have breast-milk on my shirt and haven't washed my hair for days. Instead of being embarrassed and judging myself, I chalk it up to being the mom of twins, interested in making a difference with the small amount of free time I have at the moment. Instead of worrying about sounding "woo woo", I'm more concerned about putting the tools into the hands of every pregnant woman that chooses to learn more about them. (And I'm so far out of judgment -thanks to Access - that I no longer realize that some of the concepts I talk about set off the "woo woo" alarm for certain people.) If sharing what I know helps even one woman have more ease with childbirth, it will all be worth it.

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