I have a million things I "should" be doing right now. I should be at the new house, I should be getting ready for Christmas, I should be out buying paint and light fixtures, I should be working on my business.

This season is supposed to be about love and joy and peace, and for so many of us it devolves into a frantic rat race to get everything done on our "to do" list. I have seen more anger, rage, impatience and nastiness around this time of year than any other, and my guess is it's because people are so overwhelmed by what they "should" be doing.

Today I decided to take 30 min away from shoulding myself and focus on the spirit of the season instead. I brought the raft down to the pond to enjoy one last float on this beautiful 60 degree day. I could easily have spent the day inside working on my "to do" list, and missed this moment of peace and stillness and rejuvenation.

What would it be like if you took a minute to look out the window today? What could it create in your life if you took 15 min today to do something that rejuvenates and replenishes you?

It's worked wonders for me, even if my butt is frozen from floating on this cold water. It's just what I needed to recharge and continue on with my day.

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