I can't get the Jeffersons song out of my head. You know, that sit-com, with the annoying tune about moving on up? I've been singing it for the last week. Maybe it's because we closed on our new house today. Yes, we have become homeowners once again.

The search for a new home has been an interesting one for me. It has been bringing to the surface all of the memories of why we left our last home, my attempts to turn that into a positive by planning a trip around the world, the sit-com worthy demise of that plan with the arrival of the twins, and a new commitment to another beginning in our lives together.

At the dinner table last night, my son mentioned that he still misses our old house, and doesn't like the new one as much. I have to say I agree. And yet I know I have a choice. I can look at today as a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to write the next chapter in my book of life any way I desire it to unfold. It can be a comedy or a drama; filled with jokes and giggles or suspenseful twists and turns (or maybe both.)

I also have another choice. I can choose to keep the past alive, picking at a scab that would heal over if I would just leave it alone, trying to create the future from a chapter that is better off dead.

I've had a year of transition time in our rental house, a year with one foot in the past and one foot in the future. It's now time to commit to one or the other. It's time to commit to the life and living I desire to create.

What can I be or do today to create more more magic and possibility than I can conceive of right away?

I'm moving on up, to the sky, I've finally found a piece of the pie.

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