Five years ago I would have been mortified to have this picture of me on the internet.

Five years ago I would have been mortified to have this picture of me on the internet.

When I first started dabbling in alternative healing methods and energy work (reiki, Access Consciousness, etc), I wouldn't let anyone at my "pilot job" know what I was doing, and I certainly didn't advertise my services. I was hiding a very significant part of my life because I didn't want anyone to think I was "weird." Then when I would go to a drum circle with my friends or staff a personal growth retreat, I didn't want to talk about being a pilot. It was like I was leading two separate lives.

Now when I look back, I can't believe how much I worried about what other people thought of me. Just because I worked with a bunch of people that leaned more conservatively, and played with a bunch of people who weren't, didn't mean there was anything wrong with me; it just meant I had a diverse group of people I was able to interact with - with ease. It was their judgments of each other that made it difficult, and made me feel like I had something to hide. And it was my judgment of me that made it worse.

One of the first weekend long events I attended as I ventured into my spiritual growth was Jim Donovan's Summer Rhythm Renewal. As I spent the weekend drumming, dancing and having an absolutely incredible time, I was worried that pictures of me might show up on Facebook. I mean, after all, this could damage my reputation as a serious stick in the mud. I was dancing with people wearing TIE DYE! AND having a great time. With some of my favorite people in the world. So why wouldn't I want these pictures on the internet? I laugh when I think of it now, and it absolutely mortified me then.

So I have a question for you. If you were going to be you - the real, authentic, undeniable you - what would you have to change? What would you have to chose?

Already there? Fantastic. If not, what's one small step you could take today, to give you more of you right away?

No idea where to start? Need some help? Contact me. Wondering what happens in a session with me? In a nutshell - translating the magic of you. Want to come and play?


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