When I turned 40 I thought I had reached a certain level of stability in my life. I lived in a house I thought I would be in until my legs couldn't make it up the steps any longer. I had a predictable, long term marriage. I had a job as an airline pilot that I thought I would have until I retired.

I never expected to be the mom of twins at the age of 43. I never expected to move to travel around the world, or that we would redefine our relationship after 16 years. And I certainly didn't expect to quit my job.

As of October 3, 2015, I am no longer a pilot for Southwest. I've agonized over the decision for a long time, and over the last few weeks it has become clearer to me that the energy was pointing in this direction. I'm excited, and tender. Ready to take on the world, and at the same time needing time to adjust to this new space, this new me.

I've defined myself as a pilot since I was 17 years old. Other than a mom, it's all I've ever known I wanted to be. I wonder who I'll be now? I wonder what grand and glorious adventures I can have? I wonder what else is possible? Things never show up the way you think they will. Sometimes, they show up even better. Universe, show me something beautiful. Journey on......................

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