OMG - shorthand for a phrase we have heard plenty of times in the last 24 hours. As we sway and bend with the winds of the universe our path changes yet again. 

Rewind to 2 weeks before we finalized our house sale, a week before our big estate/furniture sale. We were in Clevelend with one of our amazingly intuitive friends who said (for the second time in a month) she could forsee us in a foreign land with a small child, not Hayden. Kim wondered if she could be right and through a couple of other insights decided to take a pregnancy test. She told me early in the week and we did another couple of tests to be sure. Four tests is pretty positive. So there we are, on the backleg of selling the house and having our plans change again. 

As you may know, we continued with the house sale but kept the crib and changing table which we had planned to sell. Unfortunately, we had already sold or given away all the remaining baby clothes and equipment we had from Hayden. 

During our vacation at Lake Chautauqua, we tried a number of times to get some sort of schedule together for our first leg of our trip but were never able to really pin anything down. We had a few destinations in mind and even had a few days stay with an old school friend setup. We were soon to find out why we couldn't get it together. 

Fast forward to last Monday and we are back in Pittsburgh. First order of business was to have our first OB visit with a midwife. She duly took notes and then performed a heartbeat test (all good) and a physical, noting that Kim seemed a little "larger" than the dates would indicate and therefore suggested an ultra-sound to verify the due date.  

We had the ultrasound on Tuesday (yesterday) and Hayden came with us. Before the actual exam, Kim asked if at this stage the scan would confirm the date and that it was only one. (She had had an intuitive hit early on that it might be twins). The nurse confirmed that and proceeded with her exam. As she started and the ultrasound started showing the top of the uterus she looked over at us and asked "Are you seeing what I am seeing?"  Sure enough, two "chambers" were becoming evident and it soon became clear  that our altered plans were yet again going to be changed. 

We're having twins!!!! 


Yes, again slowly. We are going to have two babies. Two placenta's, two gestational sac's, two umbilical cords. This explains our suspicions (and our intuitive friends') that Kim was bigger because she was further along than we initially thought. She wasn't. It's because there are two babies in there!!! They are due Febuary 11th, maybe sooner if Hayden's early arrival is anything to go by. 

How this affects our plans remains to be seen but we are very happy, if not more than a little suprised. This was obviously not in our plans but somebody has different designs on our lives and we will adjust and move forward. The thought of two of everything is daunting but we know we will make it work and we have Hayden as a proud future helper. 


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