Learning to roll with the punches has become a way of life for us recently. As we continue on our journey, listening to intuition, the  insights of others and trusting the universe are becoming guiding principles for us. 

Our announcement tomorrow is still taking place, albeit with an adjustment (or two). However, today our change in plans is that we will be heading to England instead of France. My stepfather (on my mothers side) Mac passed away this morning after battling cancer. He was a strong man and fought hard and far outlasted the doctors predictions. 

We had already received word that his condition was worsening and so were preparing to adjust our schedules a bit, but with the news today we'll be spending our first leg of the trip in the south of England instead of the south of France. It's a time now to be with family and offer what support we can. 

More, brighter news tomorrow. 

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