After several weeks of immense stress we are finally out of the house. Several new plot twists (to be revealed later) and lots of hassles over the last few weeks finally culminated in an easy and successful 20 minute closing yesterday. 

I expected to have a much harder time leaving the house than I did.  I only found myself really emotional once, when H said goodbye to the house (he left with my mom before we did). We asked him how he wanted to say goodbye, and he decided to sit in the fireplace in the dining room to have his picture taken. I thought of all the memories of him in that house and couldn't stop the tears from flowing.

We had performed our family goodbye ritual for the house on the solstice the night before. We each had three pieces of paper: one to list the things we wanted to leave behind, which we burned in the fire pit; one to write the things we wanted to grow and nurture, which we planted with a seed in the garden; and the third to write the things we loved about living in the house, which we dropped inside the newel post on top of the sentiments of the previous owners. 

Today is our first official day as global nomads, and it feels so strange not to have a key to a place we call home.  We find ourselves making several lifestyle adjustments already, such as one car between us, and having to go to Starbucks to use the internet (we are staying with my mom who still doesn't have a computer, and this has been my first foray writing a post from my phone.)  All first world problems I know, and they are all worthwhile because of the freedom I feel as we continue to declutter our lives and leave the dead weight behind.

I never realized how much time and energy it takes to manage "stuff," and the more I delete from my life the better I feel. I'm starting to see that less possessions= more freedom. The next step is to declutter even further and figure out a way to make an income with my family rather than from a traditional job. What would it take? Stepping out into the big, beautiful world, with joy and gratitude for all that I have and all that lies before me. Journey on........

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