It's been two weeks since we've posted, and once we have moved out of the house we plan to post much more regularly. We have a "dog ate our homework" excuse for not posting though.  We are one day into our two day house sale, and I now see why people hire estate sale companies to take care of this kind of thing.  

I have to admit, watching our stuff go out the door hasn't been nearly as hard as I thought it would be (emotionally that is, physically it's been exhausting.)  Maybe that's because it's been mostly small knick knacks and Ikea type furniture that's been selling.  We're still left with most of the antiques and furniture, which I find surprising.  What's more surprising still is that the half used bottles of car cleaner and grease and putty that Garry wanted to throw away have been the most popular items! Go figure.

Tomorrow is the last day of the sale, and then we move on to packing up the pods with the rest of our stuff.  Closing day is a week from Monday. Yikes, this is really happening! Trying to find a spare minute to post my commencement speech from last week, hoping to have that up the beginning of the week.

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