I was in Denver last week to take another 5 day Access Consciousness class. As I walked through the airport to meet my roommate for the next 5 days (who I didn't know and had just made arrangements with the night before), I realized how much my life has changed.  I was about to meet a stranger (although it was a friend of a friend) and go find a hotel room somewhere in Denver the night before a class.

The old me would have had a room of her own, just in case I needed space.  Just in case the other person snored or was weird or annoyed me. I wouldn’t have looked at the possibility that I might make a new friend or an amazing connection; the risk of it “not working out” would have been too great.  I would have had this hotel room booked weeks in advance, with visions of sleeping in my car (or worse) rolling around in my head, and not trusted my knowing that something would turn up (and it did, for $80 a night.)

My roommate ended up being a lovely woman, who just happens to work for Wild Quest in Bimini, an organization which facilitates spending time with dolphins in the wild.  (Yes, it’s now on the wish list too.) She also helped me get back to the initial intention of our trip, and helped me realize that by focusing on the catalyst of the trip as a way to inspire people, I was keeping us stuck in the past.  According to the Wild Quest website, dolphins are conscious breathers, which means they have to stay awake to breathe.  They can’t spend time stuck in the past, or obsessing about the future, they have to remain present, and breathe.

What would your life look like if you stayed present and focused on your breath? What would it look like if you just followed the energy when making a decision, trusted your intuition (which also means saying no if something doesn’t feel right), and stopped letting your monkey mind tell you all the reasons it won’t work?  What would it take to just breathe?

“Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?” – Mary Oliver

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