I have a mountain of taxes piled up in front of me, and an appointment with my accountant in less than an hour.  This morning was supposed to be dedicated to digging through this mountain, to save the embarassment (and expense), of sitting in front of said accountant looking like an idiot.  I didn't even post to this blog a half dozen times last year, and yet I am feeling called to write this during my most stressful and time crunched day of the week. 

I spent most of last year ignoring my intuition, my inner knowing.  I allowed something I considered impossible to remain outside of my consciousness, blinding myself to the truth which was unfolding right in front of me.  Even my 7 yr old tried to warn me.  The experience taught me that we are both far more intuitive than I ever imagined, and I intend to use that awareness to it's full potential now.  I'm finally listening, and writing.  Taxes be damned.

I realize the above paragraph is kind of cryptic, and that's as far as I intend to go for right now.  We have a lot of catching up to do, and that will have to come over time.  Right now I would rather focus on the future, because I have spent the last six weeks trying to forgive and forget the hell that was last year.  Deepok Chopra says, "All great changes are preceded by chaos."  I would have to agree, and I have seen the light of great changes approaching.

One of those changes is an extended road trip for my family.  I have always been inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Eat Pray Love, and we have decided to use that book as an inspiration for our own family adventure, a time of togetherness to heal our family and create new memories.

The where, when and how are still unknown variables.  I would like to start the adventure in Australia (New Zealand, Tasmania, New Guinea etc), exploring indigenous cultures and healing traditions. My son likes England.  My husband is drawn to Scotland.  Right now we are open to anything, timing and finances our main focus for the moment.  Any thoughts, advice, or inspiration is greatly appreciated, as we hope you will all join us on this journey.

Writing about this has me giggling to myself like an excited school girl, as I can feel the momentum building already.  What grand and glorious adventures await us, after my taxes are done?  My hour is up, time to walk out the door.  Much, much more still to come.  To be continued.......

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