Seven years ago, before I began my journey into "alternative" health and wellness, I had several mercury fillings removed.  The dentist just drilled the mercury out, refilled the teeth, and sent me on my merry way.  Now that I've become more educated about mercury, I'm a little disturbed by the memory of that experience.

There has been much debate about mercury fillings, and this video demonstrates the very real dangers associated with mercury.  The Smoking Tooth.  This video, accompanied by further research, assisted me in my decision to have my one remaining mercury filling removed.  This time I went to a holistic dentist, who utilized something called the Huggins Protocol.  This dentist appointment was unbelievably different from anything else I have ever experienced.

My first appointment was for a consultation, which included a prescription for bloodwork.  I know what you're thinking.  Bloodwork, for a dentist?  The bloodwork was to determine if I was allergic to any of the dental materials used in the process.  It turns out that I am allergic to many of the common materials used in dentistry, especially the sealant used underneath mercury fillings.  I am also allergic to aluminum (highly problematic, no more canned goods or foil), and thimerosal.  Thimerosal is used in some vaccines, and since I'm not planning to be vaccinated in the near future I didn't think this was a big cause for concern. According to the dentist, almost all mascaras and many contact lens solutions contain thimerosal.  And it is not required to be listed on the label.  She suggested going to the Environmental Working Group's Website and researching each product in my makeup bag.

This morning was my appointment to have my filling removed.  First I had to do a charcoal rinse, which I believe helps to catch any stray mercury.  I was put on oxygen, and a huge extractor tube was placed in front of my mouth, as well as a smaller one which fit over the individual tooth.  Then the dentist and her assistant donned what looked like a gas mask.  I started to wonder if I was at the dentist or preparing for war.  This was unlike any dental visit I have ever experienced, and it really made me realize that putting toxic substances in my mouth is something I would rather not do again.  I'm just glad I figured all of this out before my son has to have his first filling.  If you're in the Pittsburgh area, I can highly recommend Tammy Degregorio if you're interested in a holistic dentist.  If nothing else, I encourage you to look into what's in your mouth, your mascara, and your contact lens solution.  You might be surprised and alarmed at what you discover.

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