"I don't know the first step I need to take to start my business, I only know I do so now, and I am fulfilled."

"I don't know how I learn to trust myself, I only know I do so now, and I am fulfilled."

"I don't know how I deflect the negativity of others, I only know I do so now, and I am fulfilled."

I have been saying the above phrases, and many others, to myself all week.  They are examples of The One Command, a process which allows the brain to access the theta or dream state, which assists in the manifestation of desires and wishes.

We spend most of our lives in the beta brain state.  This is the state that causes us to fear and worry.  It is the state that is concerned with the past and the future, and it tries to keep us from making the same mistakes which have previously caused us pain.  The theta state allows us to circumvent our fearful thoughts and beta state, and get in touch with our subconscious to make positive changes in our lives.

I must admit, when I first heard about The One Command it sounded a little too good to be true. I decided to research it some more and found Asara Lovejoy's website.  The website didn't resonate with me, and I decided not to pursue it any further.  Then I received an invitation to attend a local workshop in Pittsburgh, hosted by Judy Burke.  I attended the workshop and was immediately intrigued.  I have been using The One Command every day since the class.

Has my life changed dramatically with the use of The One Command?  No.  Have I won the lottery?  No.  Is this process appealing to everyone?  No.  What I have noticed with the use of the command is that I don't get upset as often as I used to about insignificant things, and if I do it is easier to snap myself out of it.  Like anything, I think the results will be more profound with practice.  I'm satisfied enough with the results that I'm going to start teaching my Reiki clients how to do this, as well as utilizing it for myself.  If it sounds interesting, I invite you to investigate it further, either in your local area or on Asara's website.

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